2019 Head Them Off at the Pass!

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Date and Time: Saturday, October 19, 10:50AM-12:05PM

Location: Eliot Center, 2nd Floor Classroom

Facilitators: Gene Carroll, Labor Campaign For Single Payer; Martha Livingston, United University Professions/American Federation of Teachers; Jim McGee, Amalgamated Transit Union; Marva Wade, New York State Nurses Association; Susan Reardon, BMWED-IBT; Joel Shufro, Labor Campaign For Single Payer


Our movement reached a watershed moment last winter when unions representing a majority of organized workers endorsed national Medicare for All legislation. Lately, however, there has been significant backpedaling on the part of some national union leaders and a number of unions in New York and elsewhere have emerged as active opponents of state legislation. What is causing this confusion? How strongly do union members support Medicare for All and how can we ensure that their voices are heard? This workshop will discuss ways to constructively engage with the leadership of our unions to move them into the forefront of the fight to take healthcare off the bargaining table by making it a right for all Americans.

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