2019 Reimagining a Just Transition

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Date and Time: Saturday, October 19, 1:05PM-2:20PM

Location: Eliot Center, Room

Facilitators: Katherine Isaac, Debs-Jones-Douglass Institute; Jed Dodd, BMWED-IBT; Gordon Lafer, Labor Education and Research Center, University of Oregon; Michael Lighty, National Union of Healthcare Workers


An estimated 1.8 million insurance and administrative jobs will be lost with the implementation of Medicare for All. In addition, the jobs of health care workers will be impacted. This workshop will discuss what a worker-centered Just Transition would look like and who sets the terms of how existing jobs will change? We will explore why most workers don’t trust the promise of a just transition, historical precedents, and how our movement could help set the terms of the broader debate about workers’ interests in economic transitions driven by changes in social policies.

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