Effective Use of Social Media (Ohio Conference)

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Date and Time: Saturday May 22, 2:00-3:00PM, Quest Business & Conference Center, Columbus, OH

Presenter: Benjamin Day, Executive Director, Healthcare-NOW!

Notes from Conference Participants:

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Slideshows, Photos, and Video:

Download the "Not Your Ordinary Social Media Training" slideshow

"Strategic Goals & Communication Platforms Grid" Handout as a PDF [[1]]

Additional Resources on Social Media:

Over a dozen large non-profits worked with Green Memes to produce The Most Amazing Online Organizing Guide Ever! A practical handbook for community organizers who want to leverage social media for social change. (That's actually the full name of the handbook!)

Aspiration Tech has dozens of free online trainings for creating a broad online communications strategy, social media policy, email best practices and fundraising, and online advocacy.

If you want an all-in-one downloadable booklet on developing a social media strategy, download The Greenlining Institute's The Art of Listening: Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits