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This is Healthcare-NOW's wiki site for Single-Payer Healthcare!

For now, it includes wiki pages for the annual "Single-Payer Strategy Conference" as well as our local "Everybody IN-stitute" trainings, but in the near future this site will crowd source educational materials, organizing trainings, public research, and historical information about all things single-payer. If you'd like to start a crowd-sourced project on this site, go right ahead: anyone can create an account and start creating pages on their own! We'd love to hear about it and help: email us at if you're interested in using this site.

Single-Payer Strategy Conferences

2019 Portland Single Payer Strategy Conference
2018 Twin Cities Single Payer Strategy Conference
2017 Las Vegas Single-Payer Leadership Meeting

2017 NYC Single-Payer Strategy Conference

2015 Chicago Single-Payer Strategy Conference

Everybody Institutes

2017 Minnesota Everybody INstitute

2017 Illinois Everybody INstitute 2015 Ohio Everybody INstitute