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Betting, especially sports betting has become a trending issue among Nigerians, especially the unemployed youths, not just in major cities, Bet9ja Highest Winner 2018 but also in the hinterlands, as they see the trend as a new way of making ends meet.bet9ja.com McGee noted that the explosion in marketing and sponsorship, combined with the ease of online betting via smartphones, has resulted in the ‘gamblification’ of watching football.bet9ja.com Investigations by The Guardian revealed that people who indulge in betting activities borrow as much as N20, 000 for their daily stakes. Some of them win, while some lose. As a two-way thing, when the prediction comes through and the individual who wagers his money wins, the company will have to pay.

However, if he loses, the bet company smiles. Today, the list of sports betting companies in Nigeria seems to be growing faster. And they come in different platforms and operational styles. Some of the betting platforms in the country include 1xbet, Naijabet, Nairabet, Betway, Bet9ja, Sportybet, Lionsbet, Merrybet, Surebet247, Who Owns Bet9ja Company Betfarm, Betland, 1960bet, Betking, 9japredict, Lovingbet, Winnersgoldenbet, Bet365naija, Championsbet, Saharabet, Marsleisure, 360bet, Superiorbet, UBCbet, Nairastake, Who Owns Bet9ja In Nigeria Betdey, R & S Bet and Naijagaming. Others are Megabet, Bigmoneybet, Bet9ja Highest Winner 2016 Naija4win, Powerbet9ja, Collabobet, Yangabet, Ebonybet, Fortunebetng, Globalbet, Betfada, Megastarbet, Betabet2000, Rookiebet, Bonanzawin, Betbiga, Zenithbet, Kingdombet, Kwikbet, Doxxbet, Betpawa, [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRnKfXTUVAqcsIYhlSG1G8w What Is Bet9ja Email Address] Betfarm, Netbet, Emeraldbet, Accessbet, Blackbet, Hamabet, Robabet, Citybet and Wakabet.

Though risky, analysts affirmed that the reward that comes with sports betting helps to assuage the risks. So, from Lagos to Onitsha, Ibadan, Kano, youtube.com Enugu, Maiduguri and other cities in the country, betting shops dot the streets and many Nigerians stake various sums of money daily in the hope to get something in return. It used to be affair for people between the ages of 18 and 45 but the trend seems to be taking a new dimension as school children, market women, housewives and law enforcement agents have joined the league. "The issue of unemployment cannot be over emphasised.

Lots of youths are jobless and few of us decided that we want to be independent and create employment, which What Is Bet9ja Email Address key in the country. "Betting has drastically reduced the crime rate. So, government needs to assist us in terms of finance, getting loan like that of forex. I will only urge the government to soft-pedal on the issue of forex. Dr. Adedeji Oyenuga, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Lagos State University (LASU), said betting is an addiction and not a means of livelihood. He noted that a person that wins a particular amount might end up losing the amount or much more if he or she becomes addicted to it.

"You are not addicted to it when you do it once and run away. Those that engage in it on a regular basis are addicted to it. Even the owners of the betting companies or platforms don’t bet because they know that it is a 50-50 chance. You know that we cannot have the head and the tail at the same time; you either have the head or the tail. Majority of those that are addicted to sport betting are those who follow football religiously," he said. Oyenuga admitted that the trend has helped to shift the attention of many youths from crimes such as robbery, shoplifting, burglary and pick pocketing, among others.

According to him, betting is gambling. He, however, said there is a great difference between betting and the traditional gambling with dice on the street. He stated that betting is legitimate, as the government through a law recognises it as a business. "Before now, we used to have popular pools, such as Face-to-face, Apollo and football matches from the UK, you predict and win. All of those that played it at the time were more of addicts; they tried to predict 52 matches but What Is Bet9ja Email Address we have today is bigger. "Then you had to wait for a particular time of the game to see the result of the matches, but now we see the result of the game live as played across the continents," Oyenuga explained.

Investigations showed that sports betting companies have become the largest employer of youths in the country. In Lagos alone, betting outfits have taken a large proportion of the youths off the streets as they eke a living from the business. If the analysis by an agent of 9japredict, a betting company, is anything to go by, sports betting outfits seem to enjoy more during the regular football seasons in Europe. "We have more customers, [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgBY2DzRp3k Where Is Bet9ja Head Office Located In Lagos] lets say, about 400 people coming to our office to place bets on match days during football seasons.tinyurl.com But the number reduces to about 120 to 150 at off-seasons," the agent said.

He revealed that some betting company could generate up to N18million to N20million monthly and spend just about N5million to N7million to pay winners. Nobody holds more hope than a bettor, The Guardian learnt. Everyday, they place a bet, they hope today is their lucky day; today is the day they cart away millions of naira in winnings. For most, that day never comes but that doesn’t stem the hope or kills the addiction. Statistics reveal that Nigerians spend an average of N308 billion on betting daily. Good or not, the betting industry is now one of the biggest in the country whilst thousands of youths have become addicted. Spending the day with a betting agent at his outlet in Isolo, Lagos, Benjamin (surname withheld) said he had been looking for a job for several years after leaving school with no luck.

"I graduated from the university five years ago and was unable to get a job and not from lack of trying. People were offering me factory work and while I am not looking down on it, Bet9ja Highest Odd I know it Where Is Bet9ja Head Office Located In Lagos not for me. Benjamin isn’t the only one that shares this opinion as several bettors spoken to share this opinion. These days, there is at least one betting shop on every street in Nigeria, if not two.bet9ja.com A couple of years ago, premier lotto was the king of the manor before online football betting sites emerged. Bettors explained to The Guardian that online betting differs from premier lotto in the sense that the latter deals with permutation of numbers, unlike football betting which deals with the prediction of outcome of matches.

"Since many youths already love football, it is now a matter of simply applying your knowledge of the game to earn money. It Where Is Bet9ja Head Office Located In Lagos very simple and you can become an expert in less than a week," Benjamin said. Pausing to attend to customers who thronged the shop, he went on to divulge the steps in becoming an operator. "All you have to do is go to the head office and signify interest. They ask Where Is Bet9ja Head Office Located In Lagos you want to open shop and you open an account with them which they fund. Revealing that it is a very lucrative business, he said he doesn’t bet personally but encourages others to, as it is a sure way of making money. When asked the ratio of wins versus losses, he smiled, saying enough people win but looking at his data, it was a ratio of 25:1 in favour of losses.

He reassured that people were playing safe and hedging their bets What Is Bet9ja Email Address the reason there were so many losses. "There are so many ways to play and those uncommon risks bring big rewards. He said that the cheapest you can punt with is N150, [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgBY2DzRp3k Where Is Bet9ja Head Office Located In Lagos] adding that one could go up to any amount.bit.ly "You need to stake more to win more. You cannot expect to win millions with N150," he said. If you think that when the football season takes a break, they also take a break, you would be wrong as baby takes over. Baby What Is Bet9ja Email Address virtual soccer that doesn’t depend on leagues and seasons and while the winnings might not be as huge as football betting, it enjoys a huge following. Other games that can be staked on include colour-colour, dog and horse race and Bet9ja Prediction dice, which you can play for as low as N50.

"Most people don’t like these ones because they are based strictly on luck and guessing. Showing The Guardian how to play the colour-colour and the dog race, it was clear that these games are actually difficult to win. For football betting, there are over a hundred permutations available and while seated with Benjamin, Okey, a regular customer walked in. Staking almost N5,000, he said he was going to his shop and wanted to ‘relax’ a little before going. He had neither eaten nor sold anything that morning but promptly and comfortably dropped N5000 on betting. He didn’t win anything but revealed that he almost won N2.4million last December. "It was only Chelsea that spoilt my ticket," he said in a manner common among bettors.

In less than a decade, the sport betting industry has grown vastly and become not just a source of income for many Nigerian punters but also a large job creation vehicle. Typically, fans are used to hosting heated discussions on the monstrous weekly wages of their favourite footballers but sport betting has turned that conversation on its head. Football fans now discuss their earnings from bets, as the sport has become a viable source of income for many Nigerians, findings showed. "Even women are doing it these days, if you come in the afternoon, you will see housewives coming to play. Despite Nigeria’s high levels of poverty and unemployment, punters cut across various demographics regardless of earning powers.

Even people that are employed are betting not to talk of someone that doesn’t have a job," Benjamin added. Femi Azeez is a mechanic with his workshop just across the betting shop. He religiously bets in the morning when he gets to work and in the evening on his way home. When asked if he had ever won anything, he said he has won small amounts but has hope that he will win big soon. "I pray and fast about it every time and I know I will experience breakthrough very soon. I do premier lotto, online betting and dog race with N100.tinyurl.com Dr.tinyurl.com Olusegun Temilola of the Sociology/Social Work Department, Faculty of Social Studies, University of Lagos, those who indulge in betting are simply toying with their future in the name of pursuing overnight wealth.

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